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Late one evening, more than two weeks after the arrival of the black SUVs, a violent tremor shook the whole San Bernardo valley. Titus Quentin, who was at home watching TV, was thrown from his chair. Pictures fell from the wall; plates flew out of the cupboards and shattered on the floor; a pipe burst somewhere in the house. After thirty, frantic seconds the tremor passed. The nameless agent ordered the immediate evacuation of the town. More agents arrived the following morning alongside emergency service vehicles and National Guard troops to assist in the evacuation. The tremor was announced to be the foreshock of a massive earthquake, with San Bernardo right at the epicenter. The town’s residents were relocated to neighboring communities. Titus Quentin ended up resettling in Flagstaff, in the north of the state. It was only years later that he learned that San Bernardo had been demolished and a geological monitoring facility built where the town had been.

The story of the “maggot men of San Bernardo” might have ended here. There were rumors of course, particularly among the town’s former residents that the FBI agents had found all sorts of strange things in the cave network under the hills. Theories ranged from them discovering a colony of insect-men to a passage into the hollow Earth. But in 2013, an anonymous user on the website 4Chan wrote a post claiming to have been one of the technicians who had explored the caves in the immediate aftermath of the “earthquake”. In the post he made a number of interesting and outlandish claims, including:

  • The organization that ran the search wasn’t the FBI, but an agency much higher up in the United State’s intelligence community
  • That he helped explore and map out a vast network of tunnels and caverns that spanned the entire San Bernardo valley and went deep underground
  • Most of the tunnels were not natural. They were not the result of water erosion or volcanic activity, but were the burrows of huge, subterranean animals.
  • He had seen with his own eyes artifacts from ancient civilizations retrieved from certain caves. Among these were cave paintings, Hopi Indian artifacts, as well as artifacts from as far away as Egypt and ancient China.
  • The tremor had been engineered by the agency as an excuse to relocate the town’s inhabitants so they could build a base on the site for continuing research.
  • Living specimens of maggot-like humanoid creatures had been found in pits of tar throughout the cave network. Large nests and discarded carapaces suggested there had once existed much larger insect creatures
  • Finally, the anonymous poster claimed that research at the San Bernardo facility was ongoing and the caves, nicknamed ”the Anthill”, were still being explored to the present and new discoveries being made on a regular basis

    A sketch of one of the supposed artifacts. Included in the original 4Chan post.

The poster included a number of pictures with his post. The post was taken down a week later, but fortunately it was up long enough for us to be able to find record of it. After researching this story and doing some sleuthing of our own, it seems undeniable that something strange happened in San Bernardo in 2006. You may believe that Miguel Michaels was a wanted criminal. That might explain his sudden flight from San Bernardo the night of his supposed discovery. The 4Chan poster gave no details about how exactly the government faked a severe tectonic tremor. In fact, the tremor was more than likely very real. San Bernardo is not far from the tectonically-active Mojave Desert region and had been known to get the occasional aftershock. Whether or not the anonymous 4Chan poster was really one of the investigators cannot be proved.

Depictions of the Hopi ant-men

But what if Miguel Michaels really did discover something that cool, desert night in 2006? Some remnant of a primordial world. If the 4Chan poster is to be believed, it would appear that ancient creatures of insect origin lived for centuries, even millennia, under the surface of the San Bernardo valley. Calling the discovered specimen “maggot men” seems apt, not just because of their appearance but because they may very well have been the larval stage of whatever forgotten species they belong to. The Hopi Indians who have inhabited Arizona for thousands of years do in fact tell tales of cave-dwelling “ant-men” who aided their tribe in the distant past. The discoveries at San Bernardo aligned with similar, equally mysterious discoveries made at the Grand Canyon. Was Arizona once the realm of ant-men in the very foggiest reaches of the past? Or is this all a hoax concocted by over-imaginative dwellers of the Arizonan desert? Deputy Quentin and Dr. Ivanov stand by what they saw to this day. Who can say for sure. We here at Doom Truth simply present the facts as we have found them. Do with them what you will.

Just remember: the truth is out there.