The Gadaichebairn, Knave of Edinburgh


Edinburgh in the late 18th, early 18th centuries was awash in legends. From ghosts and hauntings to grave robbers, to the mysterious doings which happened in the South Bridge Vaults (known more famously as the Edinburgh Vaults).

But none struck more fear in the inhabitants of Scotland’s capital than the stories of the Gadaichebairn, the so-called “Knave of Edinburgh”.

As you will see, the Gadaichebairn is somehow connected to all the previous tales mentioned. He was a spook, a child-stealer, a murderer, and had some strange connection to those mysterious chambers of the Vaults.

This piece is an exploration of gothic mystery and murder on the eve of the Industrial Revolution.

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This next one is the result of a deep dive into strange tales not of our time, but from the past.

Come with us as we take you on a journey back to the Rome of the Caesars, where, according to Roman lore, a wish-granting demon lived beneath the streets of Rome. Here we tell the tale of corpulent Invortus, a bestower of favor on pauper and emperor alike. Any who wished could have his wish granted by the Giver of Gifts.

But then be careful what you wish for, as the old adage goes.

We dig up the oldest tales of Invortus, going back to the very origins of Rome. And even today, there are tales of Invortus stalking the shadowy aisles of the Vatican Archives.

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