The Haber Forest Raptor


Haber Forest, a rural nature preserve in western Canada. A place for hiking and camping for some, and home to dreadful legends to others.

Haber Forest is home to a little-known Canadian cryptid called the Haber Forest Raptor. Not a dinosaur as you might first think, it is said to be a flying monster of immense size that lurks deep in the forest depths.

Come with us as we unearth the legends of the Haber Forest Raptor, going back to the earliest mentions of it in missing settler caravans, to the mysterious death of a lone rock climber in the mid ’90s.

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The Cumar Killings: “Wicker Man”

In the early 1960s, the sleepy town of Cwmmawr (Cumar) on the Welsh island of Anglesey was rocked by a string of gruesome murders. Entire families were burned alive. Meanwhile, remnants of the island’s pre-Roman druidic past came back to life.

The police, caught very much off guard, were no won the hunt for an elusive killer known only as “the Wicker Man”.

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The World Inside the Closet

What could be waiting inside this closet?

When two boys went missing from their New Jersey suburban home, their terrified parents called the police and a search went under way.

But to the surprise of everyone, the boys appeared after more than 24 hours. They had not been outside, had they been with friends. They came tramping down the stairs and were covered in dust.

When asked by their relieved and understandably frustrated parents where they had been, the boys answered they had been inside the upstairs closet.

Inside, they had discovered a whole world.

This was strange, since the mother had even checked inside that same closet with a flashlight.

What followed was an investigation into the unexplainable.

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This next one is the result of a deep dive into strange tales not of our time, but from the past.

Come with us as we take you on a journey back to the Rome of the Caesars, where, according to Roman lore, a wish-granting demon lived beneath the streets of Rome. Here we tell the tale of corpulent Invortus, a bestower of favor on pauper and emperor alike. Any who wished could have his wish granted by the Giver of Gifts.

But then be careful what you wish for, as the old adage goes.

We dig up the oldest tales of Invortus, going back to the very origins of Rome. And even today, there are tales of Invortus stalking the shadowy aisles of the Vatican Archives.

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Pokoliszaj Castle

Could this be a gate to the underworld?

This supposedly haunted castle is in Hungary, not far from the Romanian border has a story shrouded in myth and legend.

It seems a castle built to keep something in, rather than to keep people out. From its labyrinthian passages and walls, to its inward-facing defenses, this castle keeps its secrets and its purpose a closely guarded secrets.

But join as as we explore the secret origins of Pokoliszaj (pok-OH-lee-sai) and why legends say that in the heart of the castle is a pit that leads to Hell itself.

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