The Gadaichebairn, Knave of Edinburgh


Edinburgh in the late 18th, early 18th centuries was awash in legends. From ghosts and hauntings to grave robbers, to the mysterious doings which happened in the South Bridge Vaults (known more famously as the Edinburgh Vaults).

But none struck more fear in the inhabitants of Scotland’s capital than the stories of the Gadaichebairn, the so-called “Knave of Edinburgh”.

As you will see, the Gadaichebairn is somehow connected to all the previous tales mentioned. He was a spook, a child-stealer, a murderer, and had some strange connection to those mysterious chambers of the Vaults.

This piece is an exploration of gothic mystery and murder on the eve of the Industrial Revolution.

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The Cumar Killings: Return of Nodens

Since the fateful year of 1966 when detective Owen Clarke foiled Alan Rhys, Owen moved quietly to the Welsh countryside and settled down for a quiet life.

But something stirred back at Cumar. Alan Rhys wasn’t finished. He had merely set events in motion that, if not stopped, would wreak terror on the quiet island.

Could Owen piece all the clues together in time to stop Rhys’s scheme from coming to fruition?

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The Haber Forest Raptor


Haber Forest, a rural nature preserve in western Canada. A place for hiking and camping for some, and home to dreadful legends to others.

Haber Forest is home to a little-known Canadian cryptid called the Haber Forest Raptor. Not a dinosaur as you might first think, it is said to be a flying monster of immense size that lurks deep in the forest depths.

Come with us as we unearth the legends of the Haber Forest Raptor, going back to the earliest mentions of it in missing settler caravans, to the mysterious death of a lone rock climber in the mid ’90s.

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