The Black Planet

You may have heard of Planet X or Nibiru. Ghostly planets said to haunt our solar system. Today we’re going to look at a forgotten hypothetical planet first encountered on a cool autumn night in 1934.

But this planet, like the astronomer who discovered it, vanished just as quickly as it first appeared, leaving only questions in its wake.

This mysterious celestial body was simply known as the Black Planet.

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Dust Lake

High up in a dry plateau in southern Peru, winds blast across a strange, alien landscape. It is flat for as far as the eye can see. And excessively dry.

Salt paints the landscape white, mingling with the sand to create a mottled ground. The ground is cracked and crunches like frost underfoot as sand swishes around your legs, carried on the strong wind which blows grit into your eyes.

This land, itself a subregion of the greater Atacama Desert, is strange enough. But if you go just a bit further toward the Peruvian Andes, you will find a place beyond this world: a place which very well might touch another.

The Dust Lake. Welcome to one of the most mysterious sites in all the Andes.

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Gadaichebairn, Knave of Edinburgh


Edinburgh in the late 18th, early 18th centuries was awash in legends. From ghosts and hauntings to grave robbers, to the mysterious doings which happened in the South Bridge Vaults (known more famously as the Edinburgh Vaults).

But none struck more fear in the inhabitants of Scotland’s capital than the stories of the Gadaichebairn, the so-called “Knave of Edinburgh”.

As you will see, the Gadaichebairn is somehow connected to all the previous tales mentioned. He was a spook, a child-stealer, a murderer, and had some strange connection to those mysterious chambers of the Vaults.

This piece is an exploration of gothic mystery and murder on the eve of the Industrial Revolution.

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