DOOM TRUTH is the frontline reporter to the invisible war that consumes our planet.

I can’t tell you much about us, in case your a sleeper agent for the world governments, but I will tell you enough so you get the picture. (If you are a NON-SLEEPER agent for the world governments, please stop reading. There’s nothing here.)

The DOOM TRUTH team is dedicated to fighting for truth and freedom. We have our weapons: information and our inside sources. We know our enemies: potentially everyone.

When the government tells you not to worry about the chemicals in your drinking water, we tell you the TRUTH. The truth that that water is infested with alien spores from the 5th dimension and that right now those ugly little E.T. embryos are gestating in your stomach. Soon they’ll hatch and exit through your rectum. I’ve seen it happen dozens of times.

People have called us “fake” news. But, baby, we’re as real as it gets. You come to us when you want to know how the world really works.

The DOOM TRUTH team risks their lives everyday. We’re hunted. We’re persecuted. We live in hiding, eating beans out of cans and shitting into those same cans once we’re done eating. But we do this all for the TRUTH.